First Post!

Hello! My name is Samuel Oh and I am a tech enthusiast.

n610855388_4887388_4666 I currently attend the Simon Fraser University (Surrey), studying Computer Science. This web log (blog) was created as part of the TECH 114 curriculum.

I love anything related to high tech. Though a former microsofty, I am currently neither that nor an Apple fanboy. However, I have great respects for Steven P. Jobs, and love to watch his keynotes (anything from Macworld Conferences & Expo to WWDC to Apple Special Events).

I am a certified pianist (though I’m not going pro), and an amateur percussionist. I have played percussive instruments from drum kits to timpanies to marimbas. Continuing with music, I personally own a 1st generation iPod Touch (firmware 2.2, jailbroken), though I have nothing against the Zune. Actually, I would love to have a Zune in my inventory as well.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog!