Chrome v.14 glitch rant

I reinstalled Windows 7 on my laptop recently. I also did a clean install of Google Chrome. Then I ran into the most random problem that I have never seen when I set out to create some application shortcuts within Chrome. Everytime I opened the application shortcuts, the window was always in a form that wasn’t convenient for me. So I could easily fix this by dragging it around the sides to resize it the way I want and it should stick, right? Wrong. Every single time I relaunched the shortcuts, it reset itself to the same size that it wanted to be in. Now, this wasn’t a problem before now, so what caused it? 

I did some searching on the Internets and found out that it was an issue on both Chrome 13 and 14, and only affected those that were clean installed, as opposed to having been upgraded from version 12. Huh. Did Google just go out of its way to remove a no brainer feature? 

Anyways, until Google fixes this (hopefully in the next Chrome update), here is one way to manually *fix* this, even if it’s not perfect. 


Step 1: Create Application Shortcuts the way you normally would. In my case, this was Facebook. 

Step 2: Create an intermediary HTML file on your local disk.

Copy and paste the following code to notepad, and edit it the way you want the window to be:

Untitled.wmv Watch on Posterous

<pre name=”codeclass=”javascript“>
  &lt;script language=”JavaScript”&gt;
  window.location = “;;
  &lt;h1&gt;If you see this, the redirect did not work properly.&lt;/h1&gt;
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