Why Won’t It Let Me Install the Google+ App On My iDevices? [Updated]

It showed the same results on my iPad as well, so I thought, “Hey! Maybe it’s because it hasn’t been released to Canada yet!” With that thought, I logged into my *other* account and tried again. Still nothing. Since the search function hasn’t been always robust, I wasn’t too surprised yet, however. 

As my next option, I tried to use the direct links to the app pages instead of having to rely on search. I went on and googled “Google+ iPhone” and voila! The very first result showed me the direct link to the Google+ app page! 


Excitedly, I tapped on the link and to my horror received the dreaded “Your request could not be completed” error. 




Somehow, I managed to calm down, and turned my computer on as the last resort and opened up the desktop iTunes client. And on my computer, Google+ was so easy to find, so easy to download.


At this point, this post may seem like I’m writing about Pro-PC and criticizing just how incapable mobile devices can be. But I’m not. Wait until you see this video:

WTF_Google_Plus.wmv Watch on Posterous

So no. I still don’t have Google+ app installed on my iDevices. It’s not that I don’t want it, but that I literally cannot install it. And after all this, I’ve already lost my interest. Google+ app has been out for hours now, and I’m no longer an early adopter now anyways. Screw you, Apple or Google, whoever may have screwed this over for me. 



Apparently, Google released this app specifically for iPhones, and not general iOS. It is currently only available exclusively for the iPhone, with no way to install on the iPod touch and the iPad. 

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