Hating on the Redesign of Gawker Blogs?

Simply follow the instructions below to bring back the old UI back to Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Kotaku, and many other Gawker blogs:

Install the latest version of Google Chrome and download this


It will ask you to clear website data to continue, press yes.

It should automatically set up the javascript if your using Google Chrome, so that it adds the ‘ca.’ and removes the ‘#!’ from any gizmodo URL, bringing back the old layout!!

If your using FireFox, use this with the extension GreaseMonkey. 

Just so everyone knows, this doesn’t fix the comment system. While posting to stories reverts back to the classic layout, “New Replys” errors out to blank pages since they have altered the code for that system and it’s still down. Even so, it’s a very handy hack to play with if you really miss the old design. 

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