How to Get Extra Space on Dropbox

As you all know, Dropbox is an awesome cloud synchronization service that let’s you use for free with the 2GB storage limitation. Other than going through the preset tutorial, the only way to increase this storage limitations for free was to refer the service to your friend. But today the Dropbox team seem to have introduced another way to earn yourself some extra storage for free. For starters, simply visit Dropbox Free Storage Promo and log in with your Dropbox credentials. Then you will be greeted with a page of different tasks to complete, each task completion awarding you with storage allotments of 128MB, totaling up to 768MB of free space. These tasks basically asks you to connect to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, and post why you love Dropbox so much, which is really really simple.  Are you happy with your extra storage yet? We’re not done yet! If you’re a University student, Dropbox is generously giving out 500MB of storage for free! Head over to Dropbox Education Promo, and enter your school e-mail address in the box, and click send email. Within seconds, you’ll receive an email from Dropbox with a link to verify your address, and literally as soon as you click it, you will be instantly gratified with your free 500MB of Dropbox space. Note that it says to enter your .edu address, but in the fine print, it also says “All schools are eligible, even those without .edu domains.” In fact, I used by address to verify my eligibility, and it worked like a charm flawlessly. 

Well, there you have it. Grab these freebies when they’re still available, because who knows when Dropbox will pull this off. For those of you who still haven’t tried Dropbox yet, do me and yourself a favour, and use my referral code to sign up by clicking here. It will give me and you extra storage just for that. For those of you who followed this guide, please leave a comment and tell me why you think Dropbox is awesome, and how much storage you have now. 

Special thanks to @jck_ccc for stealing my referrals. 

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