Free HSS Alternative

Very minimalistic GUI
Ever since Hotspot Shield has been blocked by Hulu, we Canadians have been struggling to find other workarounds to access Hulu. I have been researching a lot about it myself, and found a very simple client called NotMyIP v1.1 by It’s a very simple application that allows you to change your visible IP address to a US address, thereby effectively bypassing many geo blockings that have been placed in sites such as Hulu. Since makes a program that does the same job as NotMyIP for money, NotMyIP, being free, is obviously very limited. NotMyIP v1.1 comes with four different American proxies to choose from. Although four may seem adequate when you first see it, it really isn’t. Because of the high demand, these proxies are usually very very crowded with thousands and thousands of people trying to bypass geo blocking or censorship. After experimenting with it for hours, I was finally able to access a proxy that wasn’t as crowded. I headed for Hulu, and voila! It worked!
There however is another downside to this application. HSS was a comparatively fast service which allowed us to stream high def videos from Hulu. NotMyIP, however, isn’t nearly as fast. The videos were only watchable with standard def, and even with that, it took some time to buffer the stream.
All in all, NotMyIP is a good product to try while waiting for HSS to rotate their servers again to get through Hulu, but in the long run, it’s far too slow to use on daily basis.

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