Apple Safari 4 Beta for Windows

It’s been almost two years since I’ve looked at Apple’s Safari browser in any official capacity (see my overview of Safari 3), and for good reason: Safari simply isn’t a good option for Windows users. It never has been. And, I suspect, it never will be.

Well, kudos to Apple for keeping up the good fight. They’re back this week with a beta version of their upcoming Safari 4 browser, which appears to be Google Chrome with a few UI changes. As an Apple product, it’s immediately interesting of course. But as an Apple product, it’s also uniquely unsuitable for Windows users. And that’s too bad, because the underlying Web rendering technology utilized by Safari–WebKit–has a better than average chance of becoming the technology layer through which most of us access the Web and cloud-based services of the future. I just wish Apple could get the basics right on Windows. Safari 4, like its predecessors, is just a horrible Windows application.


To continue, please visit Paul Thurrot’s SuperSite for Windows

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