My stupidity + Windows 7 Boot Logo = Dead boot.loader

Well, it really wasn’t my stupidity. You see, I was sort of like a guinea pig amongst my Windows 7 user friends to see if changing the boot logo of Windows 7 would work just as how it worked under Windows Vista. I will not get into details like what kind of picture I was trying to use as the boot logo, as it may offend some people (however nothing of pictures depicting racism or sexual innuendo, for example).

For the purpose of this test, I used a program called VistaVisualMaster, a themeing application for Vista. I first changed the logon screen (where you enter your password to get into desktop). It seemed to work just fine, so I carried on to changing the boot logo itself, with the help of VistaVisualMaster. No lockups, no crashes, no problem-o. Or so it seemed.

Upon the next restart of Windows 7, there was the BLANK screen. Nothing else. Just a blank screen. The hard drive didn’t seemed to be doing anything either, so I knew Windows wasn’t loading in the background. Oh man, oh man. I killed the 7 boot.loader. The problem here was that I was still at school. Without a functional Windows 7. Good thing I had Vista dual-booting on this laptop!

For the next couple hours, I was stuck with Vista, heavens forbid. I mean, I have nothing against Vista. Its just that, it just doesn’t seem to get along well with SFU’s Wi-Fi networks (Windows XP/Windows 7 or Mac OS X has no problems). Its not just me. Everyone running Windows Vista seem to have trouble connecting to the internet via SFU’s wireless networks. Good thing I didn’t have too many important things to since I was getting frustrated trying to get my Vista to connect to the internet for around 10 minutes.

I think the lesson here is that, although Windows 7 seem to be a lot compatible with Windows Vista, there are some large system changes that things like screwing around with the boot.loader the Vista way just might screw the OS up. Anyone else had problems with Windows 7 so far? E-mail me at or leave a comment!


P.S: I fixed the problem easily once I got back home by utilizing the System Restore function with the help of the Windows 7 Beta 1 Build 7000 Installation DVD.

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