Technology Podcasts to Listen to

Today I’d like to introduce you to my favourite technology podcasts that I listen regularly (by that, I mean I go to sleep listening to them). They’re from the network. TWiT stands for This Week in Tech and is hosted mainly by Leo Laporte, a well known American technology broadcaster and author. Co-hosts range from John C. Dvorak, another prominent figure in the tech industry, to Justine Ezarik, the “Official Unofficial Apple Spokesperson” (she’s hot too). network consists of various podcasts, and among them, my favourites are: TWiT (the flagship podcast), Security Now!, Windows Weekly, MacBreak Weekly, net@night, and Leo Laporte – The Tech Guy. Most of them are tech news, with the exception with “The Tech Guy” podcast as it is categorised under “Software-How-To.” All these podcasts are available on both and on iTunes under Technology Podcasts. Subscribe to TWiT now to keep up with today’s technology news!

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