Yet another incompatibility with Windows 7

I couldn’t access Windows Update today. I clicked on the Windows Updates button via the Control Panel, and Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) crashed. I repeated the process over and over just to make sure. I even tried after a reboot to no avail.

My mind went through everything I’ve done with the system for the past few days. This was obviously a system change executed by a low-level program (which means it has a firm control over the OS), and in the end, I found out that the problem was caused by System Mechanic 8.5 (from iolo), a Windows maintenance suite. It was the only incompatible low-level program that I had forced install.

I ended up running system restore, followed by the uninstallation of System Mechanic 8.5. Now, Windows Update window opens up fine, but this is yet another example of low level program incompatibility with Windows 7. Although it is a new version of Windows, one would think that a simple system maintenance suite would be compatible with Windows 7 as it shares the same kernel with Windows Vista. Should I be skeptical about software incompatibilities before Windows 7 is even shipping? What’s your take on Windows 7?

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