My Lab (Bedroom) Tour

Today, I thought I would share my workspace with my readers. As you all know, I’m a university student, so I cannot afford to have a separate laboratory, so I use my bedroom as my workspace. Let’s take a quick tour:


This is my desk, where I primarily do all the serious work. You can see my primary laptop, my injet multifunction printer, a 17” CRT monitor connected to my desktop underneath my desk (which serves a dual purpose of of NAS and photo editing/video rendering). To the left of my laptop is my 1st generation iPod Touch, and to the right, my Sansa e250, both synchronizing (iPod is primarily used for videos and podcasts, Sansa for music). On the right side, you can make out 2 badminton raquets (yes I play badminton).

A closer look at my desk. (click to enlarge)



To the left of my desk is a shelf where all other miscellaneous objects are stored. From left to right: you can see a black&white multifunction laser copier/printer; my secondary Acer laptop and a 1280 x 720 reso Epson projector. You can also recognize a BenQ 17” LCD underneath. The shelves store a number of things, starting from papers, toners, to underused tech toys and school books.




A closer look on my laser copier and my Acer laptop. (click to enlarge)



Closet, where some of my clothes are stored. It primarily serves as a top to place things on. From this angle, you can make out a digital alarm clock, a completed puzzle, my MACM book (ugh) and another LCD.


And lastly, I’d like to end this tour with my Linux distros that I use!





2 Kubuntu (x32 and x64), 2 Ubuntu (x32 and x64), and 1 edubuntu (x32 only)

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